An Ode to Zara











Jacket | Zara (similar)   T-Shirt | Zara (similar)   Skort | Zara   Shoes | Zara (see the pattern here?)   Necklace | Louella  Lipstick | Birchbox!

As one of my oldest friends, Kyra, returned from Europe recently, I thought it would be appropriate to create an “Ode to Zara” outfit for the day. Kyra is probably one of the funniest people I know, so our afternoon consisted of dodging the rain and finding some fun while we’re home and bored. I’d say we successfully completed those goals as we were dying of laughter for the majority of the shoot.

On a separate note, I want highlight where the lipstick for this shoot comes from. Birchbox is a monthly service that sends you beauty samples. You can do it month to month or yearly, and they stick some great stuff in there! I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

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