Acid Washed Lens











Blazer | Diane Von Furstenberg    Leather Shorts | Urban Outfitters     Shirt | Anthropologie    Shoes | Michael Kors (similar) Bracelet | Olive Eli   Earrings | Francesca’s Collection

Meet my adorable Tri Delta family member, Liv! We traveled down to the fan, thinking we would catch the last ends of the sun, but instead ended up counting down the minutes until we got pummeled by a thunderstorm. The blazer for this shoot, provided by my lovely friend Claire, pretty much foreshadows the weather to come by its electric color contrasting, yet soft splashes on the ends.

Another thing to highlight about this shoot is the featured bracelet! It’s by another one of our sorority sisters, Olive! So make sure to check out her line on Etsy, it’s fabulous just like her.

One thought on “Acid Washed Lens

  1. Big–

    Did you shoot this near Christopher’s apartment, Robinson x Stuart? Looks good! How’s your pageviews? Have you thought about trying to link in to your school newspaper? They might like to have something like this.

    Great work Big. Love ya, D~

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