All Encompassing


Top | LF     Kimono Sweater | Urban Outfitters (similar)   Boots | Steve Madden          Necklace | LF

This afternoon I got to take a stroll through Cary Town with the newest addition to my Tri Delta fam, Katie! She’s one of the chillest and most genuine girls to walk this campus so I’m pretty fortunate to have have met her in my last year. We decided to embrace the hipster-vibe of lower Cary Town and pop into a record shop to check out some of the old tunes. Cary Town and Richmond in general is an amazing place because it offers a little something for everyone. There are flowers and French restaurants for the classy, tons of amazing restaurants for the foodies, and record stores like this for the artsy peeps. In my last few weeks of school I’ve tried to keep this in mind and enjoy all that Richmond has to offer with amazing company like
Katie P.

Also make sure to check out LF Stores where the shirt and necklace are from in this shoot! I had never heard of it, but their look-book reminds me of a more specialized Urban.

Sorry for the winter hiatus, but we’re back! Stay turned for more coming soon!

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