Catch-up Collections


┬áJust thought I would catch people up on my latest photography excursions. I was fortunate enough to visit both London and Park City, Utah this winter break. The views here were insane as you can hopefully see. The pictures in Utah were from my best friend, Claire’s backyard! Amazing. Lastly I posted some pictures of my favorite city, Richmond from a park in Churchill. I will miss this city more than I know next year.

More to come this week! We’re gettin’ back to that street fashion bish so get ready.

Change of Scenery






















This post has literally nothing to do with fashion, but the pictures were too good to not share. Yesterday my girl Marin and I went on a hike just beyond Charlottesville on the Blue Ridge Mountains. The hike was short, but turned out to be much more difficult than expected ha, but once we hit the top it paid off exponentially (as you can hopefully tell from the pics). With sore legs and hair in our faces from the torrential winds, we chatted over a pint of Apple Cider (literally), while taking in the breathtaking surroundings. It was an amazing afternoon with perfect weather and perfect company. I highly recommend a visit to anyone that lives close!

Actual Inspiration

In light of some recent events, I thought having a generally inspiring post was appropriate. Today I went to Chanticleer with my grandmother to paint. We had an amazing time as you can see from the photos.

IMG_7745 IMG_7731 IMG_7753 IMG_7765 IMG_7789 IMG_7794 IMG_7919 IMG_7800 IMG_7773 IMG_7815 IMG_7819 IMG_7885 IMG_7825 IMG_7828 IMG_7830 IMG_7836 IMG_7851 IMG_7859 IMG_7863 IMG_7887 IMG_7907 IMG_7928

The thing I want to highlight is that ordinary things like bees and flowers and plants can be overlooked through time. What I love most about photography is that you can create a window and a frame to highlight something ordinary, and make it extraordinary. Every shoot I’ve done so far are in interesting locations, sure, but it’s taking the time to really appreciate them instead of just glancing through that makes the photos so special. It’s being with great people and taking the time to enjoy the moment you’re in now because you never know what could happen tomorrow.

Hump Day Horizons

It’s not fashion, but here’s a little something to get you through the week.

IMG_6578Cary Street, Richmond, VA

IMG_2947St. Ann’s Church, Kennebunkport, ME

IMG_4582Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

IMG_5448Place de la Concorde, Paris, France

IMG_6080Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica

I’m pretty lucky to have been able to capture these images in person. I hope you enjoy them as much I as do.