Blogger Highlight: We Wore What

We Wore What is a great blog that I like to keep up with. Danielle Berstein is the founder and creator who studies at FIT. Her style is very minimalist and a bit masculine, but I like it because it’s daring, bold and she isn’t afraid to wear something out of the box . If you like street style fashion and New York City scenery, I would definitely recommend checking out her blog!




Leatha Lookbook

Leather was starting to make an appearance last year, but this fall and even end of summer (aka right now!!) leather is taking the forefront as the easiest and trendiest addition to one’s closet. Pants, skirts, shorts, tops, jackets–any and every article of clothing can take on this trend. Personally, I already have my leather pants, shorts and skirt, but I’m holding out for a nice black blazer with leather sleeves. Soo if anyone sees one let me know!

Here is a video from The New York Times street stylist, Bill Cunningham, explaining just how prominent leather is currently. Remember when I saw him in person in Paris?

Anyways look out for tomorrow’s boutique highlight featuring none other than some really chic…leather pants!! Woooop


Blogger Highlight: Tommy Ton

These pictures pretty much speak for themselves and why Tommy Ton is a great Tumbler to follow.







All pictures are by Tommy Ton.

Look out for some pictures by yours truly tomorrow!