New Name, New Focus

Welcome to the new face of “C’etait un bon jour.” As much as I’d like to continue my visual journey of Parisian fashion and architexture, I unfortunately don’t live there anymore. Instead, I am left with Richmond, VA. As with all things, beauty and uniqueness can be found in the most unexpected places, so I’d like to highlight this.

When looking at something unique or striking, on the street or in a newspaper, most people will do a “Double Take.” This is where the new blog title comes from. When I see people on the street, or create my own outfits, I want viewers to do a double take, just like I had in the moment.

I hope you enjoy what’s to come and that you find inspiration just as I do.

Yesterday marked exactly two weeks until I return to the U.S. In my last two weeks I plan to take as many photos as possible and post every day to make up for the three week hiatus since my previous post. I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing French culture through fashion as much as I have.