What I See…

Sneakers! From Converses to Nike High tops, this bish is happening. You couldn’t ask for a better trend to be in, like who doesn’t love wearing comfortable footwear?

Here’s what I saw on the street in Paris:





Here are some styles I’m looking to invest in:

Already got these as a gift from the brother!


Nike Blazer High Tops


Nike Blazer High Tops

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 6.40.23 PM

Nike Sparkle High Tops

What I See…Epitome of French Street Style

Today in the metro, I witnessed what I have come to find as the epitome of French street style fashion. An older woman with a perfectly manicured silver bob came whizzing by me in order to catch the train. The thing I found most striking about her outfit was her ability to put pattern on pattern. Everything she was wearing had a design or pattern of some sort on it, but all in blacks, whites, and grays. Her kitten heel pumps were black tipped with a white body, her polyester though seemingly silk pants were black with white images of some sort of animal hitting perfectly at mid ankle. The proportioning of her black waterproof coat with teeny tiny polka dots was spot on to make her body lengthen although she was shorter than me (at 5’4″). To finish it off she wore a black and white striped scarf (as all Parisians do), not necessarily because it was cold, but because a scarf seems to finish every outfit here, never out of utility or practicality. 

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, but I felt the need to pass along this woman’s character and dress as she is to me the epitome of a French woman.