Blogger Highlight: We Wore What

We Wore What is a great blog that I like to keep up with. Danielle Berstein is the founder and creator who studies at FIT. Her style is very minimalist and a bit masculine, but I like it because it’s daring, bold and she isn’t afraid to wear something out of the box . If you like street style fashion and New York City scenery, I would definitely recommend checking out her blog!




Endless Summer

IMG_8222 IMG_8366 IMG_8191 IMG_8290 IMG_8169 IMG_8209 IMG_8271 IMG_8375IMG_8185 IMG_8233 IMG_8412 IMG_8287 IMG_8381 IMG_8211

Blouse | Free People    Skirt | Alternative    Shoes | Jack Rogers     Earrings | Miguel Ases      Bracelets | Alex and Ani    Bracelet Cuff | Lisa Stewart     Cross Bracelet | Louella   Sunglasses | Ray Ban

This was probably one of the most enjoyable shoots I’ve done so far. Liv and I decided to explore Deep Run Park which is only a 5 minute drive from campus. Upon exiting the car, we quickly realized we were stepping into a sun-seeping tree canopy oasis. It was the exact retreat we needed from our hectic week of classes. I definitely recommend taking a run here or just visiting on a pretty day to enjoy the outdoors a bit. Hope you enjoy the shoot as much as we did!

New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week in New York starts tomorrow! I can remember being in Paris for fashion week like it was yesterday. Everyone is dressed to the nines, whether they’re going to the shows or not. It’s so fun to see the creativity in person. Here are some pictures to get you just as excited as I am!





Also, here is a preview of tomorrow’s post! Can’t wait to show the rest of the photos, it’ll be one for the books.


Ready for Fall

Who else is ready for the end of this god awful heat? I am. Here is a fall lookbook of some of my favorite fall coats from Zara just to get you in the mood!

Click the image below to view the entire lookbook! - Fall Lookbook

This program I just found called Glossi is awesome. You can basically make online magazines and lookbooks, and click right on the image to go to the website where it came from. Online shopping was never so easy huh

Acid Washed Lens











Blazer | Diane Von Furstenberg    Leather Shorts | Urban Outfitters     Shirt | Anthropologie    Shoes | Michael Kors (similar) Bracelet | Olive Eli   Earrings | Francesca’s Collection

Meet my adorable Tri Delta family member, Liv! We traveled down to the fan, thinking we would catch the last ends of the sun, but instead ended up counting down the minutes until we got pummeled by a thunderstorm. The blazer for this shoot, provided by my lovely friend Claire, pretty much foreshadows the weather to come by its electric color contrasting, yet soft splashes on the ends.

Another thing to highlight about this shoot is the featured bracelet! It’s by another one of our sorority sisters, Olive! So make sure to check out her line on Etsy, it’s fabulous just like her.

Anatomy of a Toga


At my University we have a Senior Toga Social. All the men and women of the senior class go out and buy their favorite colored fabric and make a toga to spend the night at the Greek Theatre. (How suiting, right?) It was so much fun to try to design different ways of tying the fabric, with twists and turns to make each one unique. I thought I would share these because they are a great idea for a theme party, as well as a fun way to exercise your fashion muscles.

Jean on Jean…on Jean

     I saw this style often while I was in Paris. When I first saw the jean shirt on jean pants combo I thought, woah ew that looks straight out of the 90’s a la Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. The more I witnessed people rocking the trend though, the more I warmed up to it and realized there are a lot of fun ways to play with it. Unfortunately I didn’t capture any of my own photographs, but here are some cool ideas from my Pinterest board!

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Simple Solids

Halter | Louella    Jeans | Tractor    Wedges | Louella    Jewelry |Louella

Downtown Wayne never looked so good right? All clothes for this shoot are from Louella as well!

Boot Camp

Along with leather pants, another fall trend that started last year, but is coming back in full swing is little booties! You can wear them with jeans or even a dress and they add a little something-something to your outfit. Here are some images to get you inspired as I am:

Don’t believe me that they add a little something-something? Here are some pictures I took in Paris last year before fashion week.



Actual Inspiration

In light of some recent events, I thought having a generally inspiring post was appropriate. Today I went to Chanticleer with my grandmother to paint. We had an amazing time as you can see from the photos.

IMG_7745 IMG_7731 IMG_7753 IMG_7765 IMG_7789 IMG_7794 IMG_7919 IMG_7800 IMG_7773 IMG_7815 IMG_7819 IMG_7885 IMG_7825 IMG_7828 IMG_7830 IMG_7836 IMG_7851 IMG_7859 IMG_7863 IMG_7887 IMG_7907 IMG_7928

The thing I want to highlight is that ordinary things like bees and flowers and plants can be overlooked through time. What I love most about photography is that you can create a window and a frame to highlight something ordinary, and make it extraordinary. Every shoot I’ve done so far are in interesting locations, sure, but it’s taking the time to really appreciate them instead of just glancing through that makes the photos so special. It’s being with great people and taking the time to enjoy the moment you’re in now because you never know what could happen tomorrow.